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Our Story


Meet the Maker

I have learned from life's hardest moments that self care, self love and letting go are the most important ways to give to yourself . . . and ultimately to others. I believe that learning how to serve yourself in every unfolding moment can make your life more blissful.


I created SimpleBliss as part of my healing journey to help others best serve themselves. Combined with the wisdom of herbalists and healers in my community, my background in professional makeup artistry inspires the colorful creativity of our products that is sure to make you feel blissed out and beautiful. 

My truest wish is that your experience with SimpleBliss products guides you and your loved ones toward self love and healing. Join me in growing your selfcare arsenal today with SimpleBliss!



xo Rhonda xo

Our Promises


Highest Quality

From our full spectrum CBD and our organic medicinal herbs, to our ethically-sourced and genuine crystals, we ensure that all of our ingredients are of the highest quality.

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Safe + Sustainable

Caring for Mama Earth is one of our core values. We make products that are safe for both your kids and the planet, from our water soluble ingredients to our packaging. 



All of our products are not only handcrafted by me, but they're also made with heart. Each product is an expression of creativity and love, so you're guaranteed good vibes.


1. What are your bath bombs made out of?

Our bath bombs are made with the highest quality ingredients safe for you and the planet. We use natural colorants and organic botanical ingredients. For example, our rosy pink color is derived from beet root powder, and our moisturizing elements come from organic coconut oil and shea butter. Our CBD is organically grown and third party tested for purity. For a complete list of ingredients, please the product descriptions in our online store. 

2. What is CBD + can it get you high?

CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is often used as body relaxant and to ease anxiety Our CBD is full spectrum, organically grown, third party tested, and contains less than 0.3% of THC. This amount will not give you any psychoactive high; rather, it allows the beneficial parts the plant extract to work more harmoniously, giving you a better range of terpenes and CBD. All of our customers must confirm that they are over the age of 18 to purchase our CBD-infused products. 

3. Can you customize my bath bomb?

Yes! We offer many options for our bath bombs, including the addition of dried flowers, crystals and  CBD (ages 18+). While we highly recommend our best sellers, we can easily customize a bath bomb to your specifications. Because all of our bath bombs are homemade, please give us a few days to prepare your customized bath bomb. We would love to hear from you via email or chat!


 4. What are your shipping + return policies?

Because our products are handcrafted for you, we currently do not accept returns. However we want our loyal customers feel simply blissed out, so we will work together to by replace or rectify any issues that arise. At this time we only ship within the US, but are working toward international shipping. Associated costs are calculated at checkout and we offer free shipping for orders over $75. 


5. Can you help me pick out a gift + giftwrap?

Yes and yes! Our super cute, recyclable gift wrapping is available with any order. We're always happy to help you choose a gift for the special people in your life (including for you... hello me-time!). Send us a chat or email and we'll happily guide your selections.  

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"How is it possible that taking a bath can be so exciting and so soothing? I savored every moment with my SimpleBliss bath bomb."

Jodi Rose, 47

Los Angeles


“I love the look, scent & feel of SimpleBliss bath bombs. Every time I'm left with smooth skin, a calm mind, and beautiful healing crystals!”

Alex, 28 


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