Bliss Straws

Bliss Straws

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Harness the healing power of water with these eco-friendly straws! The combination of food-grade stainless and crystals infuse each sip with healing energy and ions. Choose from Rose, Clear or Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, or Citrine. Includes cleaning brush. 

  • instructions for use

    SimpleBliss Crystal Straws are to be throughly cleaned before use. Run hot water through the straw and cleanse using the included cleansing brush and gentle soap. Lastly, blow through straw to remove any debris that may remain inside straw before using. Place the straw (crystal side down) into the drink of your choice.  

  • crystal properties

    • Rose quartz is said to purifiy, open the heart, and promote self-love, healing and peace.
    • Amethyst is said to enhance immune, digestive & endocrine function; may help headaches and hormone regulation.
    • Citrine imparts joy, wonder & enthusiasm; said to stimulate the intellect and promote motivation and self-expression.
    • Smoky topaz may promote positive thoughts by dispersing fear & negativity. Helps to reduce nightmares and manifest your dreams.
    • Clear Quartz is considered a master healer said to stimulate the immune system, balance the body, amplify energy, and aid in conncentration and memory.

    None of these purported health benefits are to replace clinical advice or to be used in place of prescribed medicines. Please consult your doctor about concerns or treatment interference.