Geode Bliss

Geode Bliss

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Our Geode Bliss bathbomb is a stunning representation of a geode crystal. Entice all your senses with the beauty and benefits of this relaxing gem. Your body will thank you for the detoxifying benefits of charcoal and salts.

  • instructions for use

    Unwrap your bath bomb and drop gently into warm-hot bath water. We love to engage with our fizzing bath bomb to inhale the essential oils and watch the fizzy magic! Your moon-charged crystal will fall to the bottom of the tub; please be mindful of the natural sharp edges of some crystals. Our natural colorants won't stain your tub, but we recommend scrubbing your tub before-and-after use as old residue may make ingredients stick. Dried flowers can be easily scooped out or strained when draining your bath. Our bathbombs are super hydrating, so please be mindful while getting out of tub after use. Enjoy every second of feeling Simply Blissed!